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BrandOne was originated from G. Andre Delporte, Inc., a successful creative branding and advertising agency in NY in the early 70’s to the early 90’s. The agency serviced a wide variety of local, regional and national accounts, receiving over 100 prestigious marketing industry awards. 

In the mid 90’s, Georges (aka G. Andre Delporte, Inc.) moved to the Tampa Bay area

and created BrandOne, offering the same, high quality services with a focus on small

local and regional businesses. As technologies advanced, Georges could scale down

expenses, allowing his extensive knowledge and experience

to better assist the growth of smaller companies.

Outside of critical, in-house creative and marketing momentum, 

BrandOne offers expertise in all branding, advertising,

media, production, and support services.

With client input and realistic goals and engagement,

BrandOne will develop a strategy and stages for 

achievable results. It’s definitely a TEAM thing. 

It really doesn’t matter what size your business is... the rules of engagement are the same.

Just customized to the realistic expectations and goals offering your business momentum

to reach them, resulting in GROWTH & PROFITS.

The Goal is to realize your business’s strengths and promises, focus and offer a BRAND, POSITION and Marketing to be number ONE in your category.

The future success will take care of itself!  

Large or small... there’s nothing better than being

Number ONE!



Branding Examples



Company & Product Logos



Print, Display, Internet



Displays, Collateral, Packaging



Addis Company - Syracuse, N.Y. - Department Store Chain

AkyBrAky - Orlando, FL - Reusable heat Packs distributor

Allen-Oyler Corp. - Orlando, FL - "Mold Patrol" Mfg. (Mold Prevention Products)

American Dynatel, Inc. - Syracuse, NY - Business Telepone Systems

Angelos Tailoring Inc. - Tampa, FL  -  Custom Tailoring & Men’s stores

Aquanique - No. Hutchinson, FL - Condominium Development Project

Belisle Systems - Tampa, FL - (National) Facial Muscular Therapy Equipment

Bell Hearing Instruments - Clearwater, FL - Hearing Aid Mfg.

Bella Travel, Syracuse, NY - Travel Agencies

Birth Bonz. - Los Angeles, CA - National Canine Store Supplies, Distributor

Bouchard Insurance - Clearwater, FL - Insurance agency

Bottom ZUPP, Inc. - Tampa, FL - Floor Removal Contractors serving Florida

Blade Runner Golf, Tampa, FL - Mfg. of Black Magic (Hybrid) Wedge

Biosciences Corporation  - Germantown, MD - Professional Personal Disinfectants

Boise Cascade - Loweville, N.Y. - PaineJones -Specialty Paper manufacturer

Bowers Vein Institute. - Tampa, FL - Vein Treatment Centers

Carrier Air Conditioning - Syracuse, N.Y. B2B- Air Conditioning Mfg

Carvio Viva. - West Palm, FL - Cardiovascular Health Centers

Charcoal Restaurants - Melbourne, FL - Steak House Restaurants

Chase Lincoln Banks - Rochester, N.Y. Regional banks, New York state

Chevy City Group - Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, NY - 19 Chevrolet Dealers Group 

Chronicle Publishers, Inc. Tampa-FL - Commercial Printers

ClearSky MRI, Dallas Texas - Diagnostic Centers

Climax Mfg. - Castorland N.Y. Corrugated pkg. mfg.

Community Health Foundation, Rochester, NY - Nursing Home Financing

Comsat Corporation - Bethesda, MD - (NYSE) Satellite time management

Comsat Video Enterprises - Washington, DC - Hotel In room pay-per-view

Companion Care, Tampa, FL - Senior In-Home Health Care

Coronado Capital, Las Vegas, NV - Investment Brokers

Cura-Heat - New York, NY - Consumer Pain Relief Patch

Day Spas of America - Tampa, FL - Day Spa Chain

DCH Industries, Inc. - Clearwater, FL - Rope Fastening Products

Decorative Arts Center of Florida, Tampa, FL - Interior Design Co-op

Dimmitt Cadillac - Clearwater, FL - Cadillac Dealership

Douglas Stone - Syracuse, N.Y. - Men's Clothing Chain

Durr Packing - Utica, N.Y. - Meat Packing Mfg/Distributor

E- Elite Academy, Tampa, FL - Esthetic Beauty Schools

Egan Real Estate - Syracuse, N.Y. - Commercial Real Estate

Emerald International, Inc. Syracuse, NY - Hospital Equipment

Empire Archives, New York, NY - Data Storage

Erie Imports, Syracuse, N.Y. - Import Retail Chain

Esbys International - West Palm Beach, FL - Yoga Instruction Videos

Fernandez Discipline - St. Petersburg, FL - Chiropractic Seminars/Publications

First National Bank of Waterloo, N.Y. - Commercial  Banks

Fitness Forum - Syracuse, NY - Personal Training Gyms

Flanders Precision Air - Saint Petersburg, FL - National Air Filter Mfg.

Fleet Street remarketing - Largo, FL  Automotive fleet resellers

Florida Forever Floors - Tampa, FL Retail Flooring and Installation stores

Foxx Pools - York PA - Above Ground Swimming Pool Mfg

Fresh Start Finance - St. Petersburg FL - Used Auto Automotive Finance

F.X. Matt Brewing - Utica, N.Y. - Brewery

Good Buy Bazaar - Syracuse, N.Y. - Regional Cable Television Home Shopping

Gordon Electronics, Syracuse, N.Y. - Electronics retail chain

Great Western Wines - Rochester, N.Y. - Winery

Greek Peak - Virgil, N.Y. - Ski Resort

Great Values Publications Inc, Tampa, FL - Florida “HelloGood BUY” Coupon magazines

GreensKrafters, Tampa, FL - Home Lawn & Garden Care

Ground Zero Floor Removal, Tampa, FL - Floor Removal Contractors SE

Hendrick Imports - Charlotte, NC - High end auto dealerships (11)

i-Academy, Tampa, FL - Tech Training Schools

Immunation LLC, Tampa, FL - Res-Q (Immune system supplement drink)

Impact Pest Control, Tampa, FL - Termite & Pest control Svce.

InnerGistix, Tampa, FL - Wellness Centers

Integrated Tracking Systems - Las Vegas, NV Player Chip Tracking Systems

International Gold & Silver Exchange - N.Y., N.Y. Dealers / Buyers

Jack Pot Shoes - Rochester N.Y. - Disc. Shoe Retail Chain

Jet Management Group - Syracuse, N.Y. - Jet Private Sales & Leasing

JGA Construction - Syracuse, N.Y. Commercial Construction

Jreck Subs - Syracuse, N.Y. - Regional Sub Chain Restaurants

Learbury Clothes - Syracuse, N.Y. - Men's Clothing Mfg.

Leisure Industries, Inc. - Sarasota, FL - Golf Accessories

Level Best Golf, Inc. - Clearwater, FL - Golf training aids mfg/mkrtr

LifeWise, Syracuse, NY - Extended Care Programs

Limited Editions, LLC - Denver, CO - CDB oil producers

LiquiCleanse, Baltimore - MD - Mfg. Hand Sanitizers

Liquor Square - Syracuse, NY - Large Regional Liquor Warehouse

Louis Edwards, Tampa, FL - Jeweler Retail

Lombard Associates, Inc. - Tampa FL  - International Real Estate Brokers

Love Furniture - Syracuse, NY.  Custom Home Furniture chain stores

Marion Landing - Ocala, FL - Retirement Community

Meredith Broadcasting - Chicago, Il - TV Stations

Mixxers Grill - Clearwater, FL. -Restaurant/Bar

Modern Kitchens, New York, NY - High End Kitchen Supply/Distributor

Mohawk Valley State Bank - Utica, N.Y. - Banks

National Restoration Group - Tampa, FL - Restoration Construction

Native Sun Sportswear - St. Petersburg, FL - Specialty screen sportswear

Nettleton Shoes - Syracuse, N.Y. - Men's & Women's Shoe Mfg.

NewBridge Industries, Inc. Phoenix, AZ - Handicap Conversion Vans Mfg

New Channels - Syracuse, N.Y. - Cable Operator Upstate New York

New Visions Inc. - NY, NY - Internet & video access over power lines

Ott Homes - Syracuse, N.Y. - Regional Home Builder/Developers

Paston Hunter -Pioneer of America - Northeast - Syracuse, N.Y. - Auto Audio Dist

PJNewman, Tampa, FL - Home Furnishings

Pioneer Flooring, Inc. Tampa, FL - Commercial/Residential Floor Contractors

Platinum Poker - Aruba, ANT. - On-Line Poker Site

Plaza People - Rochester, N.Y. - Career & Temp Service

Poor House - Syracuse, N.Y. - Regional Restaurant Chain

Post Markers, Inc.  Tampa, FL - Vinyl Post & Installation Systems

Procino & Rossi - Auburn N.Y. - Pasta Products Mfg.

ProGreens, Inc. - Tampa, FL - Golf Green Airation Systems

Pure Air, Tampa, FL - Environmental Mgmt.

Pyramid Group - Syracuse, N.Y. Mall developers / builders

Quality Plus Cleaners - Tampa, FL -  Florida Dry Cleaners - Chain stores

RCA Home Entertainment - Syracuse, N.Y. Regional Distributor

Real Rainbow Crystal - N.Y. - Decorative Crystal Distributor

Rochester Shoes, Rochester N.Y. - Upstate NY Shoe Store Chain

Rory B. Weiner, P.A. - Tampa, FL -  Law Firm

Sair Aviation - Syracuse, N.Y. - Regional Charter Airline

Sair Express - Syracuse, N.Y. - Commuter Airline, Upstate N.Y. & Canada

Scott, Sardino & Pomeranz - Syracuse, N.Y. - Law Firm

Smokey Joe’s Vapors, LLC -Charlotte, NC.- Vaping product lines Mfg.

Sofas & Chairs - Syracuse, N.Y. - Retail Furniture Chain

Southwest Direct, Ft. Myers, FL - Direct Mail Marketers

SpyderScape, Inc. - Tampa, FL - IT-Computer Hardware Sales

Stampede Worldwide, Inc - Tampa, FL - Internet holding Co.

Sundown Clubs - Syracuse, N.Y. - Regional Health & Fitness Clubs

Sun Pioneer 2000 - Melbourne, FL - Real Estate Developers

Sun Vista Realty, Inc. - Clearwater, FL - Realtors

Symphonized Medicine - West Palm, FL - Wellness Clinics

Syracuse Chamber of Commerce - Syracuse, NY - City Chamber

Syracuse, Hilton Hotel - Syracuse, N.Y. - Hotel & Restaurants

Tabu Collections - Tampa, FL -  Fashion Accessories

TBD Entertainment - Tampa, FL - “Flick Picker” movie trivia computer app.

Tele PLUS - Long Island, N.Y. - National Business Phone Systems

The Centergy Corporation, New York, NY - Energy management

Tony Little Enterprises - Clearwater, FL  - Exercise and health products

Tops & Bottoms - Syracuse, N.Y. - Fashion Store Chain

Touchette Corp. - Syracuse, N.Y. - Software & Program Services

Trail Blazers, Inc. St. Petersburg, FL  - Mfg. representatives

Tri-State Investigations LLC - NY PA Conn  - Private Investigating

TurtleBay - Melbourne Beach, FL - Waterfront Home Community

Two M Images - Syracuse, N.Y. - Magazine Publishers

Univisions - Syracuse, N.Y. - Audio Visual Equipment Distributor

United Way of Central New York, Syracuse, N.Y. - Fund Raising

Veridien Corp. Clearwater, FL - Mfg. Disinfectants

Vernon Downs - Verona, N.Y. Trotters Race Track

VideoArt Productions, Inc. Tampa, FL - Video Production

VitaLabs, Inc. - Tampa, FL - Clinical Laboratories

Vital Woman - Tampa, FL -  Women’s Health & Wellness Centers

We Be Sports.com - Tampa, FL. Behind the scenes sports internet channel

We Get Into IT, LLC - Tampa, FL - Internet Technology Support Services

WaterBedrooms, Inc. Syracuse, NY - Waterbed Mfg.

Wilsons Jewelers - Syracuse, N.Y. - Retail Jewelry Chain

WoodLake - Albany, NY - Condominium/Apt Community

WTVH Television • WSYR Television • WBEN Television • WNYS Television

Mix96 • 95X • SKY101 • 93Q • WNDR • WIXT  (Various radio stations)

Yamaha Motor Corp. - Cypress, CA - Motor Cycle Dealer Co-op

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