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Addis Company - Syracuse, N.Y. - Department Store Chain

Carrier Air Conditioning - Syracuse, N.Y. B2B- Air Conditioning Mfg

Chase Lincoln Banks - Rochester, N.Y. Regional banks, New York state

Chevy City Group - Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, NY - 19 Chevrolet Dealers Group 

Community Health Foundation, Rochester, NY - Nursing Home Financing

Durr Packing - Utica, N.Y. - Meat Packing Mfg/Distributor

Egan Real Estate - Syracuse, N.Y. - Commercial Real Estate

Empire Archives, New York, NY - Data Storage

Erie Imports, Syracuse, N.Y. - Import Retail Chain

International Gold & Silver Exchange - N.Y., N.Y. Dealers / Buyers

Jet Management Group - Syracuse, N.Y. - Jet Private Sales & Leasing

JGA Construction - Syracuse, N.Y. Commercial Construction

Jreck Subs - Syracuse, N.Y. - Regional Sub Chain Restaurants

Learbury Clothes - Syracuse, N.Y. - Men's Clothing Mfg.

F.X. Matt Brewing - Utica, N.Y. - Brewery

Gordon Electronics, Syracuse, N.Y. - Electronics retail chain

Great Western Wines - Rochester, N.Y. - Winery

Greek Peak - Virgil, N.Y. - Ski Resort

Liquor Square - Syracuse, NY - Large Regional Liquor Warehouse

Love Furniture - Syracuse, NY.  Custom Home Furniture chain stores

Modern Kitchens, New York, NY - High End Kitchen Supply/Distributor

Mohawk Valley State Bank - Utica, N.Y. – Banks

Nettleton Shoes - Syracuse, N.Y. - Men's & Women's Shoe Mfg.

New Visions Inc. - NY, NY - Internet & video access over power lines

Procino & Rossi - Auburn N.Y. - Pasta Products Mfg.

Poor House - Syracuse, N.Y. - Regional Restaurant Chain

Pyramid Group - Syracuse, N.Y. Mall developers / builders

RCA Home Entertainment - Syracuse, N.Y. Regional Distributor

Rochester Shoes, Rochester N.Y. - Upstate NY Shoe Store Chain

Sundown Clubs - Syracuse, N.Y. - Regional Health & Fitness Clubs

Hilton Hotel - Syracuse, N.Y. - Hotel & Restaurants

United Way of Central New York, Syracuse, N.Y. - Fund Raising

Vernon Downs - Verona, N.Y. Trotters Race Track

Wilsons Jewelers - Syracuse, N.Y. - Retail Jewelry Chain

WoodLake - Albany, NY - Condominium/Apt Community






AkyBrAky - Orlando, FL - Reusable heat Packs distributor

Allen-Oyler Corp. - Orlando, FL - "Mold Patrol" Mfg. 

Angelos Tailoring Inc. - Tampa, FL  -  Custom Men’s stores

Aquanique - No. Hutchinson, FL - Condominium Development Project

Bell Hearing Instruments - Clearwater, FL - Hearing Aid Mfg.

Bottom ZUPP, Inc. - Tampa, FL - Floor Removal Contractors serving Florida

Blade Runner Golf, Tampa, FL - Mfg. of Black Magic (Hybrid) Wedge

Carvio Viva. - West Palm, FL - Cardiovascular Health Centers

Charcoal Restaurants - Melbourne, FL - Steak House Restaurants

Chronicle Publishers, Inc. Tampa-FL - Commercial Printers

Decorative Arts Center of Florida, Tampa, FL - Interior Design Co-op

Dimmitt Cadillac - Clearwater, FL - Cadillac Dealership

Fernandez Discipline - St. Petersburg, FL - Chiropractic Seminars/Publications

Flanders Precision Air - Saint Petersburg, FL - National Air Filter Mfg.

Fleet Street Remarketing - Largo, FL  Automotive fleet resellers

Florida Forever Floors - Tampa, FL Retail Flooring and Installation stores

Fresh Start Finance - St. Petersburg FL - Used Auto Automotive Finance

GreensKrafters, Tampa, FL - Home Lawn & Garden Care

Ground Zero Floor Removal, Tampa, FL - Floor Removal Contractors SE

i-Academy, Tampa, FL - Tech Training Schools

Immunation LLC, Tampa, FL - Res-Q (Immune system supplement drink)

Impact Pest Control, Tampa, FL - Termite & Pest control Svce.

InnerGistix, Tampa, FL - Wellness Centers

Leisure Industries, Inc. - Sarasota, FL - Golf Accessories

Louis Edwards, Tampa, FL - Jeweler Retail

Marion Landing - Ocala, FL - Retirement Community

Mixxers Grill - Clearwater, FL. -Restaurant/Bar

Native Sun Sportswear - St. Petersburg, FL - Specialty screen sportswear

Pioneer Flooring, Inc. Tampa, FL - Floor Contractors

ProGreens, Inc. - Tampa, FL - Golf Green Airation Systems

Pure Air, Tampa, FL - Environmental Mgmt.

Quality Plus Cleaners - Tampa, FL -  Florida Dry Cleaners - Chain stores

SpyderScape, Inc. - Tampa, FL - IT-Computer Hardware Sales

Sun Pioneer 2000 - Melbourne, FL - Real Estate Developers

Symphonized Medicine - West Palm, FL - Wellness Clinics

Tony Little Enterprises - Clearwater, FL  - Exercise and Health products

TurtleBay - Melbourne Beach, FL - Waterfront Home Community

VideoArt Productions, Inc. Tampa, FL - Video Production

VitaLabs, Inc. - Tampa, FL - Clinical Laboratories

Vital Woman - Tampa, FL - Women’s Health & Wellness Centers

We Be - Tampa, FL. Sports Channel




Belisle Systems - Tampa, FL - (National) Facial Muscular Therapy Equipment

Biosciences Corporation - Germantown, MD - Professional Personal Disinfectants

Birth Bonz. - Los Angeles, CA – (National) Canine Store Supplies, Distributor

ClearSky MRI, Dallas TX- Diagnostic Centers

Comsat Corporation - Bethesda, MD - (NYSE) Satellite time management

Comsat Video Enterprises - Washington, DC - Hotel In room pay-per-view

Coronado Capital, Las Vegas, NV - Investment Brokers

Foxx Pools - York PA - Above Ground Swimming Pool Mfg

Hendrick Imports - Charlotte, NC - High end auto dealerships (11)

Integrated Tracking Systems - Las Vegas, NV Player Chip Tracking Systems

Limited Editions, LLC - Denver, CO - CDB oil producers

LiquiCleanse, Baltimore - MD - Mfg. Hand Sanitizers

Meredith Broadcasting - Chicago, Il - TV Stations

NewBridge Industries, Inc. Phoenix, AZ - Handicap Conversion Vans Mfg

Platinum Poker - Aruba, ANTILLES. - On-Line Poker Site

WTVH Television • WSYR Television • WBEN Television • WNYS Television

Mix96 • 95X • SKY101 • 93Q • WNDR • WIXT (Various radio stations)

Yamaha Motor Corp. - Cypress, CA - Motor Cycle Dealer Co-op

Tri-State Investigations LLC – NY, PA, CT  - Private Investigating

Smokey Joe’s Vapors, LLC -Charlotte, NC.- Vaping product lines Mfg.


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